L’AVION Was Invited to Attend the 16th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress in the Spring of Monaco

2018-04-08 10:00

The 16th Aesthetic & Anti-Aging Medicine World Congress (AMWC2018) was held in Monte Carlo, Monaco. The event attracted more than 10,000 practitioners and over 300 enterprises presented their advanced products, technologies and concepts. As the earliest Chinese pioneer in overseas medical travel industry, L’AVION was invited to attend the Congress again. It would keep an eye on the latest development of international anti-aging technology for further upgrading its overseas medical travel service.

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Led by WOSIAM (World Society of Interdisciplinary Anti-Aging Medicine), AMWC2018, featuring a highly-interactive, motivating and multi-disciplinary program, provided a platform for the exchange of ideas, education and training as well as sharing of expertise, and increased the opportunities for communication and exchange. Many internationally renowned doctors, medical experts and scientists also participated in the event to share their latest achievements in anti-aging technology.

Taiwan, as an extremely active player in the world aesthetic medicine, was particularly recognized for its contribution to promoting the development of global anti-aging drugs at the AMWC2018, and the key opinion leaders from Taiwan also shared their opinions, professional knowledge and latest technology.

 “Patient Safety is the theme of the Congress this year. The conference, symposiums, live demonstrations and round table discussions cover patient assessment, high-standard care, best results of patients, improving the understanding of the solutions to possible complications, comparison of various treatments to determine the most suitable one for patients and other technical discussions, as well as other issues related to the safety of patients.

Compared with the previous congresses, the Congress this year presents a phenomenon of more fragmented market and more complete supply chain of anti-aging products. The progress of an industry is closely related to the reliable underlying technology, advanced industry concepts, real demand of customers and active promoters.

The material needs brought about by economic development have been increasingly satisfied, however, the concerns about their own lives have become the ultimate pursuit of a considerable number of people. In this context, as a Chinese pioneer in overseas medical travel industry and the practitioner of modern functional medical philosophy, L’AVION is committed to presenting more advanced concepts and technologies to customers and developing a more complete and reliable chain of overseas medical travel service. L’AVION is endeavoring to make a higher quality life become true.