Reading the aging code: L’AVION held a Swiss expert media exchange meeting in Beijing

2018-06-14 20:00

On June 14, 2018, L’AVION held a Swiss expert media exchange meeting in Beijing. Najib Latif, the Chief medical officer from Bon Port Biotonus Clinic, and Mr. Shaohui, chairman of  L’AVION, discussed the causes of aging, the problems caused by aging, and how to alleviate aging through scientific treatment and life management with the present media. 

Lack of energy? Think of sheep embryo whole organ essence and detoxification treatment

In his speech, Doctor Latif pointed out that in addition to the natural aging of the human body, there are many factors in daily life that can accelerate aging, including pollution, inflammation, smoking and drinking, radiation and ultraviolet rays, stress, heavy metal toxins and so on. 


Giving a speech by Mr. Latif, chief medical officer, Bon Port Biotonus Clinic

There are two very important components in the cellular structure of the human body -- in addition to the well-known DNA, there is also RNA (ribonucleic acid). Aging affects the structure of RNA. When the RNA is broken, the cells don't function properly, which can cause a lot of problems, such as burnout syndrome, sleep disorders, and even sexual dysfunction. "There are about 708 million men in China, 140 million of whom have sexual dysfunction and 42 million who use drugs," according to data from Changshan Pharmaceutical Co.Ltd. At the same time, aging can also cause menopause, menstrual disorders, memory loss, attention deficit and other symptoms.

As an advanced method to effectively fight against aging, sheep embryo whole organ essence therapy can improve the vitality and immune system function, and increase the human body's resistance to disease. The treatment can repair damaged RNA structures and increase telomere length, which is linked to cell life, according to a new study. The sheep embryo whole organ essence treatment is suitable for different organs, so it can be customized treatment, it can repair damaged cells, and it also can stimulate specific cellular structure tissue.

As an innovative detoxification treatment, it is used to solve problems caused by excessive free radicals -- tiredness, stomachache, anxiety, loss of appetite, headache, irritability and lack of concentration.

Stay young: learn about the systematic methodology

At the exchange, Mr. Shaohui, the Chairman of L’AVION, also shared his own health management plan and phased achievements. He introduced four approaches to health management: first, sustainable health management; second, functional management; third, precise treatment; fourth, anti-aging management through scientific means.


Sharing by Mr. Shaohui, the Chairman of  L’AVION

In his view, true health management should include the following elements: First, carry out continuous and valuable physical examination to see the development trend of the body through the change of data indicators; second, the life cloud collects and summarizes its own health data, which is of great long-term significance; Third, family doctors, as "forest rangers of life", can help find effective solutions; fourth, diet should reduce the consumption of carbohydrates; Finally, it is exercise, which needs to be done correctly with the help of science.

When referring to functional management, he pointed out that a person's growth and aging is a state change from birth to various functions slowly built up to the disability status, from having good life ability to organs failure. However, the functional management is the process of re-energizing, including sports function, cardiopulmonary function, digestive function, metabolic function, reproductive function and endocrine function.

It is easier to understand the precise treatment, namely, just treating the body part where has problems. For example, if the eyes have presbyopia, cataract, shortsightedness, they can be solved by replacement of artificial lens, and skin problems, shape and pain can be alleviated and eradicated by centralized solutions.

When it comes to anti-aging technology, he says the development of science has turned anti-aging from a relatively cold field into a noted science, and that breakthroughs combined with biotechnology will bring more surprises to the public in the future.

Anti-aging: precise medicine takes itself seriously

During the Q&A, the two guests answered questions of common concerns to the media. Different from the current domestic medical category only with treatment of diseases, besides the treatment of diseases, anti-aging is also a very serious medical category abroad. Responding to questions from reporters, Dr Latif said that during routine treatment, Bon Port Biotonus Clinic would pay a return visit to the patients and would test and keep the patients’ data. Shaohui said that in the last decade or so, thousands of his clients have traveled to Switzerland for treatment. From the customers’ feedback, no matter the improvement of energy, physical strength, mental state relief, or the bettering of illness, there is relatively clear feedback. 


Speaking of the scope of sheep embryo essence, Shao hui said that in 2015, the Swiss government conducted a comprehensive stoppage rectification of sheep embryo essence, and that all institutions involved in the treatment needed to be refiling. There are two cases.  One is that the use of living cells for treatment is subject to Swiss regulations on organ transplantation. The other is that the treatment with essence should comply with the entire Swiss drug regulation. In August 2015, the Swiss Bon Port Biotonus Clinic  was re-approved by the Swiss government.

When it comes to whether anti-aging services can be obtained by common people, Shaohui said some anti-aging methods are becoming commonplace. In the future, L’AVION will also introduce new service methods to enable more people to choose better anti-aging methods at home and abroad.