Since its establishment in 2007, L’AVION has been devoted to bringing quality overseas medical resources to Chinese customers. Having served over 3,500 high networth Chinese clients, L’AVION is committed to establishing high service standards and principles in the overseas health tourism industry.

What We Offer


Marketing Activities

L’AVION helps its partners to conduct marketing activities in China to build brand awareness and attract their target Chinese customers.

Public Relations

L’AVION brings Chinese media coverage to its partners and improves their brand recognition in the Chinese market.

Website Marketing

L’AVION’s official website offers cooperation opportunities and product information to its business partners for better brand exposure.

New Media Marketing

L’AVION leverages its new media channels, including WeChat, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and newsletters, to promote brands in a multi-faceted way.


L’AVION and its business partners can be marketed together for mutual benefit.

Business Development

Sales Leads

L’AVION helps with partner branding in China and collecting customer leads.

Network Development

L’AVION helps its partners to gain access to Chinese partners in a variety of ways.

Trade Shows

Partners will have the opportunity to participate in L’AVION trade shows and conferences in China and enjoy face-to-face exchanges with Chinese customers.

Customer Events

Partners will have the opportunity to participate in L’AVION’s need-specific customer events and target customers of their interest.


Product Positioning

L’AVION has rich experience in launching overseas products in China, providing us with remarkably accurate and differentiated product positioning.

Product Packaging

L’AVION helps its partners to better understand the Chinese market and package health service products that cater specifically to the Chinese market.

Product China Launch Training

Partners will have the opportunity to attend L’AVION trainings on the Chinese market that will allow them to better understand the needs of Chinese customers.

KOL Endorsement

We cooperate with Chinese KOLs to promote our partner’s products, substantially increasing brand awareness among their target customers.


Marketing Solutions for China

Customized marketing solutions will be prepared based on each partner’s product highlights.

Distribution Solutions for China

We prepare customer need-specific distribution solutions for partners.

Network Development Solutions for China

We perform partner-specific network development in a multi-faceted manner to identify more potential Chinese partnership opportunities.

Criteria for Partners

Health Servies

A potential partner must be a legitimate and qualified institution.

Hospitals and medical practitioners must be properly certified.

A potential partner must be GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice)-conformed.

A potential partner must have a proven background and rich history of serving clients.

A potential partner must have demonstrated success stories and be well-established in their industry.

The L’AVION executive team will personally visit each candidate partner to ensure full conformity to these requirements.

Trip Arrangements


Our handpicked hotels include five star hotels, major hotel chains, resorts, and downtown classical or modern residences. Thanks to superior service, our customers will find their hotels a home away from home.

Local Tour Agencies

L’AVION works with quality local tour agencies run by foreigners or overseas Chinese. They are service-conscious and have a highly standardized set of tour guides, drivers, and vehicle fleets to prevent any illegal activity or violations from transpiring. To protect our customers, tips and kickbacks are strictly prohibited.

Trip Leaders

Trip leaders are subject to a rigorous screening processes and are well-trained. They are your private trip advisors who possess overseas living and study experience, offering valet-style services so that you can enjoy a carefree overseas trip.


We book flights from first-class airlines—Lufthansa, Emirates, British Airways, Singapore Airlines, and others. Safety, comfort, and service are always our first priority.


An Industry Influencer

A pioneering practitioner in China’s health tourism industry

Overseas Brand Awareness

A partner of a variety of top-tier overseas medical institutions

Market Recognition

The first choice in overseas health tourism for high networth Chinese customers

Brand Reputation

A regular exhibitor and partner of major overseas industry trade shows and a luxury brand in China’s health tourism industry

Product Development

7 well-established product lines

Customer Satisfaction

Over 67% of customers choose to repurchase