Since the establishment in 2006, L'avion anti-aging has been focusing on the top health resources overseas and bringing them to Chinese customers. We have serviced more than 3,500 China's top richest, establishing high-end medical travel service standards and ideas in the industry.

We Offer



Through marketing activities in China organized by L'avion, establish your brand awareness in China and attract Chinese target audience.


We help you get brand exposure opportunities in Chinese local media, to enhance brand awareness in Chinese market.

Website operation

We provide opportunities to display cooperation and product information on the official website of L'avion, increasing the brand exposure.

New media operation

We help you get multi-dimensional brand promotion through new media accounts of L'avion, such as Wechat, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Newsletter, etc.


By the strong cooperation between excellent partners and L'avion, we can greatly enhance the brand promotion.


Customer Resource

To establish a brand image in China through L'avion, helping maintain customer relationships.

Partner Expanding

To expand your partners in Chinese market through L'avion.


We offer you the opportunity to participate in the anti-aging industry conference held by L'avion in China, directly having face-to-face conversations with the Chinese customers.

Customer activities

Here’s the opportunity to participate in the customer activities held by L'avion that meet Chinese customers’ demand, getting the precise expansion of customer base.


Product Positioning

With the rich experience in supporting overseas projects to localize in China, L'avion offers to help your product to get a reasonable, differentiated positioning.

Product Building

We help you understand the Chinese market deeply, and build the health products suitable for the promotion in China.


Here’s the opportunity to participate in the training of L'avion anti-aging analysis of China's market, to understand the needs of Chinese customers.

KOL Promotion

We help recommend and communicate with China’s KOL, to get brand awareness rapidly increased in the target audience.


Market Publicity

For product highlights, we help develop exclusive publicity program in line with the needs of the Chinese market.

Sales Proxy Program

For different customer needs, we design the best sales proxy program for our partners.

Resource Development

For the institutional advantages, we recommend you more potential partners in China, for multi-dimensionally developing resources.

Cooperation Standards


The partners must pass the national verification to meet the requirements of laws and regulations.

Both hospitals and doctors are legally qualified.

The partners must meet the GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) standard.

The partners must have historical heritage and global patent.

The partners have successful cases and are the choice of royalty.

The executives of L'avion experience every product to make sure the efficiency.



Only select the high-quality luxury five-star hotel, the flag stores of celebrities and noble hotel group, the top resort hotels in scenic area, the classical and modern hotels in urban areas, and the special hotels to provide the customers with high quality services.

Travel Agency

L'avion chooses the high-end travel agencies set up by foreigners or foreign Chinese, offering professional, legitimate service, which have strict management with tour guides and drivers in order to make sure the legitimacy and security and strictly control rebating tips to protect the interests of our clients.


Every private guide is strictly selected and trained, with overseas living and studying experience. The guide offers 24/ 7 /365 personal steward-style service, helping customer enjoy the trip without worries.


We choose Lufthansa, Emirates, British Airways, Singapore Airlines and other high-end airlines to ensure the safety, comfort and high quality service.

Why choose L'avion?

Industry Influence

L'avion is the first pioneer of China's anti-aging industry

Overseas Recognition

Exclusive cooperation with a number of international top medical institutions

Market Awareness

Chinese consumers’ first choice for overseas anti-aging

Brand Awareness

Long-term invited institution and partner of overseas anti-aging conferences, China's top anti-aging luxury brand

Product Development

7 major product lines, with destinations covering all over the world

Customer Satisfaction

More than 67% of our customers carry out secondary consumption