L’AVION is a pioneering practitioner in China’s health tourism industry, boasting 11 years of experience in overseas medical tourism. Thanks to its high customer satisfaction and rich industry resources, L’AVION has become the brand of choice for Chinese consumers interested in medical tourism.


Committed to building a health industry value chain for exploring healthy lifestyles

Highly Selective

Providing hand-picked business partners and devoted to providing a health tourism experience that gives peace of mind


Honesty and integrity: we mean what we say, and we honor our contracts to the smallest detail.


Well-polished service processes and long-term health management systems

Quality Customers

We retain the right to tell customers “no” to guarantee our quality of service.

An Industry Influencer

A pioneering practitioner in China’s health tourism industry

Market Recognition

The first choice in overseas health tourism for high networth Chinese customers

Overseas Brand Awareness

A partner of a variety of top-tier overseas medical institutions

Brand Reputation

A regular exhibitor and partner of major overseas industry trade shows and a luxury brand in China’s health tourism industry

Customer Satisfaction

Over 67% of customers choose to repurchase

Product Development

7 well-established product lines