L'avion is the first pioneer of China's anti-aging industry with 11 years’ experience. With complaint-free high-end services and years’ of experience in supporting overseas projects to land in China, L'avion enjoys the popularity both at home and abroad and becomes the first choice for Chinese consumers.

Science and Technology First

L'avion is committed to introducing the world's most frontier and reliable anti-aging technology into China

Careful Selection

L'avion selects the best partners, and provides the safe and effective anti-aging experience.

Contract Compliance

L'avion is a sincere and trustworthy corporation which abides by the contract by details.


L'avion improves the service process repeatedly and develop a long-term health management mechanism to make all products cost-effective.

Preferred Customers

Reserve the right to say “no” to the customers, to guarantee the best quality of service.

Industry Influence

L'avion is the first pioneer of China's anti-aging industry.

Market Awareness

Chinese consumers’ first choice for overseas anti-aging service

Overseas Recognition

Exclusive cooperation with a number of international top medical institutions

Brand Awareness

The long-term invited institution and partner of overseas anti-aging exhibitions, China's top anti-aging luxury brand

Customer Satisfaction

More than 67% of our customers carry out secondary consumption

Product Development

7 major product lines, destinations covering all over the world